Multiple source folder select for USB-NAS, NAS-USB backup - Schedule/Queue backups

Currently, only a single folder can be selected in the source folder of a USB-NAS, NAS-USB backup to be copied to the destination.  This limitation makes it impossible to backup a smaller subset of data from the source folder.  For example, to perform a backup of, say 100 GB, contained in several folders, say 30 folders, at the root, the only option would be to set up 30 jobs to copy the data one folder at a time or to copy the entire contents of the share and then delete all the data other than the 100 GB that was desired.

One work-around that is currently not available is to schedule/queue the 30 required jobs to copy each folder.  Although this solution is not very convenient, the ability to schedule USB backups appears to be missing even though internal backups can be scheduled.  I will submit this missing feature separately.