Multiple Sentinel NAS on same network?

I have a need for more than 12TB of data storage on my network.  In the past I had used several ShareSpace NAS serves, but see that the Sentinel DX4000 has replaced that device.  My question is, given the new features and the addition of Windows Storage Server 2008 R2, are there any issues with me installing 2 or more DX4000 on the same network and using the same computer to administer them both?  When I login to the DX4000 via the Dashboard will it allow for me to choose which DX4000 I login to if there are more than one on my network?

I believe the Dashboard is limited to connecting to whichever Sentinel it was installed from last. There does appear to be a registry tree under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows Server\IDENTITY that contains an entry (user, pass, IP) for the Sentinel I have installed. You may be able to write a small .reg file that could swap key values between the two units.

You can also RDP into either unit and run the Dashboard from there. The only thing the local Dashboard can’t do is utilize the file/computer recovery functions.

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