Multiple problems

My TV Live worked fine for at least two years until last week. The problems began for no apparent reason – no changes in the TV, or the network or the device itself. The first thing I noticed was the display turned a reddish purple instead of the usual blue color, and I could no longer view Netflix movies. I turned the power off and back on  – no improvement. Next, I unplugged the power cord and let it set for a while, than plugged it back in – no improvement. Next, I pushed the reset button for ten seconds. After that, the screen returned to blue but it still would not play Netflix movies. The Netflix selection screen was normal, and I could select a movie, but it would only start to play, that is, the first red progress bar would appear and show progress, but that was all – no second progress bar and no movie. After that, I checked for firmware updates and was told I had the latest. After that, I reset the device to factory defaults – no improvement. I tried Pandora where I had all the display but no audio. I went to YouTube where the videos played normally but with no audio. I have an eSATA hard drive connected via USB to the device, and when I tried to play music files, I could see all the visual displays but with no audio even though the progress bar indicated the track was playing. I tried Netflix and Pandora on my Logitech Revue, and everything is normal using that device, but I’d rather be able to use the WD because of its very small and well designed remote control compared to the Revue’s clumsy keyboard.

It seems I have now reached a deadend, and have run out of ideas. So, any tips, tricks, suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I think that you are in the wrong forum.  This is the SMP (Gen 3) forum which only came out last October.

If you have had yours for about 2 years, then either you have the WDTV Live (Gen 1) or the WDTV Live Plus (Gen 2).

Those forums are here:

Looks like I’m not going to find an answer, or even a suggestion here. Thanks anyway. Time to try another product.