Multiple Problems with Home Duo

I bought this device to stop paying monthly for cloud services. I am using windows 7 and android (galaxy s7). My Home Duo 4tb is connected via a network cable on a network router.

Unfortunately, my device or maybe more accurately the software, is full of bugs. I’m looking to find out if it’s just me or if others are experiencing:

(1) On android, the my cloud app uses more wifi data than what even exists on the phone to be backed up! When i first installed the app, it used over 300gb of data in a few days. My phone’s storage capacity is just 128gb, let alone the fact that only a portion of this is media and the app only supports the backing up of 1 folder (camera folder only, no other folders).

(2) Probably linked to (1), on android, the notification will say everything’s backed up but will then go back to saying something like “300 items remaining”, but then intermittently go back to “backup complete” and a lesser amount remaining again.

(3) On android, sometimes the app uploads CORRUPTED backups of my pictures. On the phone it’s fine, but once looking at the pictures on the my home drive, half of the picture is grey (even if I move it onto the local computer and then open it)

(4) On windows 7, when browsing large folders on the drive via WD Discovery, thumbnails load incredibly slowly and often stops completely. Network utilisation (on resource monitor) sticks at 100% used, yet even if I leave it for 24 hours it doesn’t make any progress in opening the folder and displaying all the thumbnails, and everything on the drive turns incredibly slow, including opening a picture. If I change the folder to be customised for “documents” and then re-enable thumbnail view, the pictures will generate thumbnails (very slowly) but then videos don’t get thumbnails at all.

(5) Probably linked to (4), On windows 7, playback of a video in windows media player is sometimes extremely laggy and the video constantly pauses. Maybe my network speed (gigabit ethernet) is too slow for the playback of certain videos, not sure.