Multiple portable HDD's

hey everyone, 

I’m trying to connect 8 devices of WD, 1TB Portable HDD, USB 3.0 Compatible, ‘WDBPCK0010BBK-01’, to one computer with 8 USB 3 ports.

when I attach all 8 devices, they work just fine. but i need them to be connected via another cable, to put them somewhere 1.5 meters away, a usb 3.0 extender.

now, when i connect only one HDD, the computer recognize it. when I attach more than 2, the computer begins with not recognizing the devices, although all 4 are connected via different USB cards, which are all connected to the mother board.

Might the extender length is the problem, or is it something different, like the extender quality? 2 HDD’s works just fine with extenders, in the same USB 3.0 card or via two seperate ones.

thanks in advance,



USB extension cords are not supported. The longer the cable less power the drive will get.

I’ve had a similar problem and came to the conclusion that it depends on the size of the drive.  I can successfully connect 1 x 3TB and 4 x 350MB … but cannot connect 2 x 3TB drives at the same time.