Multiple players one source media library

Hey All,

I have 2 Live Players and 1 nas with a shared folder containing movies.  I want to use the My Media Library as the source for both players pointing to the same common movie folder on the nas.  It seems each time I try this one player loses the media library because each player must write to that common folder.  Each wd live player tries to write the same file to the .wd_tv folder on the nas and that causes the media library corruption.  Has anyone been able to use more than 1 player and the my media library source with a common shared folder?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks all.

We have two SMPs both using Media Library and the same Samba shares.  Works fine; never had any issues at all.  When I add new media, I rescan and clear the ML with one of the SMPs, then when I want to see the new material on the other one, I clear the ML on that one and let it rebuild.  If worse comes to worst, you should be able to delete all the “.cas” files in the shares and let one SMP rebuild them first, then let the second one read them and build what it needs.

Thanks ncarver but you have the exact issue that I have.  I was doing what you suggest in the past but finally gave up on it.  We should not have to wipe out the media library for each SMP when new content is added.  We should be able to add new content and have the media library updated on both SMPs without resetting, rescanning, rebuilding, etc.  Doing that is just masking the real problem and is frustrating.  It can also be time consuming especially when the metadata is not found for some movies automatically and requires user intervention to get the correct metadata.  Hopefully WD will finally address this issue in a near future firmware update.  Thanks again for your suggestion.

I guess I don’t see what “issue” you think I have too.  I don’t do anything different on either SMP than I would do if I had only one.  The same metadata files are used for both players, never had any corruption or anything that I would consider problems from having multiple players–which is supposedly what your posting was about.  Clearing and rebuilding the Media Library on either player takes less than one minute.  The fact that I have to do it on two players instead of one when I make media changes is not something I consider a “problem.”  I really have no idea what aspect of using multiple players you are suggesting WD should improve in a firmware update?  It looks to me like what you want is simply for the automatic updating (scraping) for the Media Library to work better, but that has nothing to do with having multiple players.

You should be able to fix that problem by creating specific empty shares for each device. Click on the link below for more information.

I tried what you suggested Ichigo but it did not work.  Any idea if WD will address this in a future fimrware update?  Thanks.

As I said previously, I have had no issues at all using two SMPs with the same single Samba share; definitely none of the issues mentioned in the thread Ichigo linked to.  Perhaps this is just because I don’t ever have both units updating their Media Libraries at precisely the same time, but since I can’t be in two places at once, I care not at all about whether that is safe.  Furthermore, I have noticed that associated with the wdtv.cas2 DB file are wdtv.cas2_no_check_content_MAC files for each unit.  Are these not lock files?

Ichigo, that link you posted worked a long time ago, but later firmware updates made even that impossible.

Perhaps TonyPh12345 could please explain exactly what sequence of events still causes issues with multiple gen 3 players, given that I am using two without any problems?  I would like to know if there is some particular scenario I should avoid.