Multiple passports -- signature collision [solved]

I purchased two 1TB MyPassports and when I plug them both in, my computer only recognizes one of them. The other stays offline and disk management says:

“The disk is offline because it has a signature collision with another disk that is online.”

How can I solve this issue? I need to be able to have both drives plugged in and accessible.


Fixed by right clicking that message over “Offline” and selecting Online.

1.- If you have administrative rights  go to START button, and right click on “COMPUTER” and Select “MANAGE” or find  MANAGE on your system. 2.- In this window, select from left side " Disk Management " 3- You will see your drives on the right side. (HERE YOU SHOULD SEE YOUR NOT WORKING DRIVE, ITS APPEAR AS OFFLINE) you may have to look around for it , should I say look down to find it, the drivet may not be on the right it may be below thedisk  list, look around and down  5.- right click on “OFFLINE” tag and select “ONLINE” 6.- Good to go…