Multiple Partitions on a My Book Studio II?

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I’ve just purchased a My Book Studio II 4TB drive and have set it up in RAID1, giving me a single mounted drive, 2TB in size.

I would like to know if I can use Apple’s Disk Utility to partition this 2TB drive into 500GB and 1.5TB partitions? Will the RAID1 mirroring still work if there’s more than 1 partition?

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You can change the raid to have the entire capacity available but partitions are not supported

I can’t speak to whether WD’s RAID Scheme supports multiple partions or not.  I’ve seen just as many posts saying its possible than I have of those saying its unsupported and doesn’t work.

However, you can play it safe and use Disk Utility to set up a 500 GB Disk Image and a 1.x TB Disk Image using the remaining space.  This will produce your desired result.

I had the same question about a WD Thunderbolt Duo configured Raid 1. 

I tried using the Mac disk utility to partition the drive with no luck.  As soon as I reconfigured the drive, the RAID would detect an error and rebuild.  

If anyone has an elegant solution, I’d like to read about it.