Multiple Operting System on WD Green SSD

Hello, I am willing to install 3 OS - Win 7, Win 10 & Ubuntu on my new 240 GB WD Green SSD. I was wondering how to make the partitions? Is It some different process than a mechanical harddrive. I found somewhere that there is something called partition alignment that is needed to be considered while partitioning SSD. Can Win 7 / 10 do it on its own or I need to do something?

Kindly explain the process or link to any solution in the forum will do.

Your help will be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Windows 7 amd 10 will set the 4k partition alignment automatically.

You can download Minitool Partitiion Wizard and this simply way to resize, create partition on your own. By the way, if you have computer knowledge you can do it yourself, otherwise, ask someone to help.