Multiple Network Link Down notifications

using the latest firmware for mycloud EX2 Ultra on OS5 … today my inbox was hit with 54 individual identical emails from the NAS that the Network Link is down.

This happened overnight and did not see anything unusual in my router. other devices on my network were not interacting with the NAS either.

what’s going on with this ? wd has been issuing updates to this OS so often, it’s concerning.

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i want to downgrade to the previous firmware for this NAS. Where can I find previous fw on this site ?

the NAS has 5.18.117 installed.

Hi @cs7404,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

will they assist with downgrading the installed firmware ? or waste my time trying to figure out why i don’t want this latest update and pick their nose for another month trying to improve it … ?

i cannot see the recycle bin share when i search for it via ssh on the nas.

i looked in mnt and Volume_1, no share called Recycle_bin anymore. and when i typically cleared the bin in the dashboard, i’d notice some increase in free space. but since this new update the same option in the settings section does nothing.

anyone else have the same problem ?