Multiple mycloud shares on external hard drive

Is there any way to achieve multiple shares on the external hard drive rather than the whole drive just showing up as a single share, obviously this can be circumvented with a folder structure within the drive share but just wondering if it’s at all possible? Am thinking of upgrading the External drive I have connected from one half the size of the mycloud itself to one twice the size of it so would be handy to be able to rely on it on more of a base level

Did you just buy your My Cloud? Do you know if it is 1st generation (Firmware 4.xx.xx) or 2nd generation (Firmware 2.xx.xx)? I know this has been discussed before so if you use the search icon at the top right you should be able to find those. Here is a link to one discussion Is it possible to partition my drive and use this setup? . You can use the following link for more information too.

It’s 2nd generation, shall have a look at that link now

Ah the link seems to be referring to partitioning the mycloud itself, I asked if I could have multiple shares on the external (usb) drive @cat0w

I think the answer is no.

A USB drive can only be a single share. You cannot partition it to split it into more than one share, either.

Shares are set up using the Dashboard. See example image below (I have the first generation My Cloud 4TB). I figured you knew this already and wanted to try and partition a drive.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Have you read the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud? Along with that, read all the Help information provided in the Dashboard.