Multiple My Net routers using 1 in AP mode

Backstory.  My DSL comes into the house in one basement corner.  When i move my PC and MyNet 750 over there the other corner of the house upstairs had spotty reception.  So I bought the MyNet 900 to use downstairs and would put the 750 upstairs in the opposite corner in access point mode.  So I’m not sure if I set up the 750 correctly or if the configuration is correct since one of my wireless devices still does not get good reception upstairs.  (Most of the other devices are good as the 900 has an extended range.)

So I started with the 750 and changed it to AP mode.  Let it reboot etc and the then disconnected it.  Then I set up the 900 to the dsl modem and my PC.  Then connected the 750 to the 900 via ethernet cable and have it on upstairs.  I can see both on my Network and can access any USB drives connected to the 900.  But I’m not getting what I would expect is an extended range from the 750 being upstairs in the opposite corner.  Did I set it up correctly?  Do I need to do anything else?  Any ideas?


In the Wireless Setup Screen try changing the Channel Width to 40MHz.

check page #37 of the user’s manual for more information.