Multiple My Books

Greetings. I had recently purchased a My Book TB external drive (green box version) and today I purchased another 4 TB drive (blue box version) and went ahead and installed the drive. The drive I purchased today installed correctly and shows up in my drives lists BUT… my other drive no longer appears in my list but it does appear in the Smartware software and states the following - ‘No writable partition found…’. This older drive was working as intended and I have data stored on it. So, my questions are - Can we have 2 of the same drives connected at once? How do I get both drives to work? is my data lost on my older drive? I had went ahead and renamed the older drive to ‘my book 1’ and renamed the older drive to ‘my book 2’. How do I get these to work???

It might be a disk signature problem see if this helps


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Sweet… that did the job!  :D  Thank you so much, Joe!