Multiple Music Files When Accessing MyCloud from Networked Devices

When I access my WD MyCloud music folders from my networked devices (smart TV, stereo receiver, Blue-ray disc player, etc.), multiple titles for the same song are listed inside the album folder. So an album folder containing 10 songs will have 30 songs listed, three identical song titles for each individual song. If I start listening to the music from the first title, the tune will repeat two times before moving to the next song. When I access the folders from my computers, or the folders from music players I have on my computers (MediaMonkey, Windows Media Player, Groove, etc.), only a single title for each song appears. Any ideas why this happens?

Others have experiences similar issues with certain DLNA clients that access the Twonky media server embedded within the My Cloud. See the following two links…

I am assuming your devices (smart TV, stereo receiver, Blue-ray disc player, etc.) that are exhibiting this problem are using DLNA to access the My Cloud. If so make sure all DLNA clients (smart TV, stereo receiver, Blue-ray disc player, etc.) are exited out of the My cloud then try rebuilding the Twonky Media Server database in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Media section. If that doesn’t work access the Twonky administration page (generally http://wdmycloud:9000), navigate to the Advanced section and first select Clear Cache, then select Reset to Defaults, then select Rescan Content Folders, finally select Restart Server. Wait at least five minutes or more then recheck with the DLNA client (smart TV, stereo receiver, Blue-ray disc player, etc.) to see if the problem persists.

If the problem persists then the DLNA client may have a problem with the Media Receiver Type selected in the Twonky Administration page Sharing > Media Receivers section. Ensure the proper device is listed there for each device entry that is listed.

Further see the following link on Townky that may have some useful information.

I followed your instructions, and it worked perfectly! All folders on the server now show a single title for each song. After nearly a year of having to resort to external HDD’s to play my music on my networked devices. Thanks very much for your generous help.