Multiple MKV's (1080p + DTS) to single ISO


Anyone know the runthrough on how to do this? - I am looking to put several MKV files into a single ISO image, this should allow me to rid of folders and use background images etc - I want to just click the ISO via movies in WDTV Gen 3 and that will contain sevreal movies to select from.

Not sure what audio is supported (any different from MKV?) or what programs to use etc…

Thanks in advance :confounded:

Maybe using a DVD creator might work? You could make it ISO and it would act like a DVD with menus?


I dunno why you would think this (somehow combining movies) would be any better than one of the linksheet themes…



Thanks for the response, didnt know if this would work is all, if it would need to be BD-ISO or what limitations there may be with format, resolution and audio :slight_smile: Will give this a go later!

The linksheet issue I have is that I’m using alaska theme dark and don’t want to change it :slight_smile: