Multiple media servers

I’m using a Windows Home Server as a media storage and backup solution for my home network with multiple clients, in combination with TwonkyMedia Server and the WD TV Live connected via WLAN. And YES, I love this tiny box (far better than my Netgear EVA 8000 which I will sell on eBay within the next couple of days).

However, what I do NOT understand is why I have 6 !!! Media servers available, even when I just use 2 (TwonkyMedia Server on WHS and 1 Windows 7 client). WDTV Live shows 4 media servers which are NOT activated or better to say NOT started (further Windows 7 clients and WHS build in media server). When I choose one of those (inactive) media servers, they do not have any media content (which is not remarkable). But I don’t understand WHY they are in my media server list in the WDTV menu?!? I mean this is not a big issue, it is just annoying for the navigation.

Anyone have the same issue and know how to fix that?

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Here is my hypothesis: when the WDTV Live is switched off, it’s in fact in sleep mode, so its state is not cleared. I guess you stopped and started your media server (e.g. during a reboot), and each time it appears as a new media server on the WDTV Live. The media server list on the WDTV Live is probably cleared only during a reboot (i.e. reset button or unplugging).