Multiple Listings for Same Items When Accessing via DLNA

When I access the EX2100 via my smart TV I get multiple line items for the same videos. Sometimes just 2 but other videos might be 10+. I have rescanned the database and rebuilt it. Nothing helps. Any idea on how to get the database to actually just show one of each item? Firmware is 2.31.163.

Hi There,

This issue happens due to Public and or nested shares on a My Cloud can occur after an abrupt loss of power or after a reboot of the device. The duplicate shares cannot be deleted in Windows Explorer or macOS Finder.

You can see this link-

Or it might occurs due to WD Sync has an internal conflict resolution algorithm that prevents the deletion or overwriting the most recent updated or saved files. When a conflict occurs, WD Sync will copy the file rename and append the name with a time stamp.
See this link-

I don’t really have duplicate files or shares, I have duplicate names show up on my DLNA connected devices when looking at the EX2100. If you look at the EX2100 from the dashboard (web file view) there are only one of each file.

I can no longer see the EX2100 from my Windows 10 laptop File Explorer. After the last firmware update, that capability disappeared so I have to use the dashboard or the computer that is directly connected to the same router as the EX2100. Again, no actual duplicate files.