Multiple issues with WD Live Plus

My setup:WD Live Plus Media player running firmware 1_05_04B

Network: Wifi - Netgear Wireless router & Linksys wifi Adapter

Data storage: Synology NAS with WD 2TB drive

  1. I am trying to play a DVD rip stored on network, I selected video_ts folder and clicked play button on remote, I got the DVD menu screen, but I can’t get the ‘control’ (or cursor) to navigate on the menu (play, chapters, settings etc).

2.  DVD RIP contains subtitles too, which are showing fine on computer with VLC Player, but on WD Live Plus its saying ‘no subtitles’. 

  1. I am trying to play ISO file, but it says ‘unknown file format’ message. 

Appreciate your responses.  Thanks. 

  1.  No, don’t press PLAY on the VIDEO_TS folder, or that WILL happen.  You need to press ENTER.

  2. Probably happening for the same reason as #1.

  3. ISO’s ARE supported, so I don’t know why you’re getting that message.

  1. If I press enter on video_ts folder, then its navigating into that folder and listing the contents of it. That is not what I want.  I want to browse the menu.


You can’t have it both ways.