Multiple issues with Smartware 1.6.4

Have tried using Smartware 1.6.4 on two machines - one using Vista 64 business, the other Vista 32 home premium.  

On the Vista 64 one Smartware ran for about 36 hours,  backed up 47gb of files, skipped 49gb and didn’t copy 350gb+ of files  just kept saying “copying files” 

On the Vista 32 machine it backed up everything it was asked to when I first ran the backup, but hasn’t backed up anything since and says “Drive is Locked”  When I click the drive to unlock it I get Authenticaiton failed…

Have uninstalled and reinstalled twice now.

Any suggestions welcomed!

On the vista 64, what type of files are not getting backed up?

Regarding the drive being locked, you can try to reformating the drive and attempt to create a new backup for both computers again. 

Just make sure that both computers are up to date and that you are using the WD Smartware latest version.

All computers are up to date and smartware is the latest version.  Firmware for the WD MyBook has also been updated to the most recent version.

On the Vista 64 machine it is all kinds of files that are not being backed up - videos, databases, mailboxes, images.  One thing that appears to be common is that they are all > 50MB 

On top of the problems I listed earlier, a new problem has come up!  I installed the software on a pc running Windows 7 with the sole intent of backing up email.   In the settings for Smartware I set it to keep 2 backup versions of each file.  Well,  it did that and then carried on keeping additional backups of each file!  It’s currently at around 1000 versions of each file… makes me glad  I bough the 3TB MyBook:smiley lol:

I too have purchased the MY Book Essential - 3 TB - and attempted to use the WD Smartware ver. 1.6.4 software to run multiple backups on multiple PCs…and had issues with MOST of them…

This and ALL of the issues being discussed here have made me decide that I just don’t have time to fight with this software…and post items to this Forum…and wait upon someone to actually come along and provide an acceptable answer.

Life is TOO short…so I have decided to STOP using the WD Smartware - uninstall from all PCs and use a FREE software such as the File Sychronizer made available on this website. Does it’s job…period…end of story. Backup DONE and files available IF deleted / corrupted or hardware failure…life is GOOD…carry on.

Good Luck

– briney


If “cloud” means “unobtrusive” computing then MBL and Smartware must be “smog” or at least “second hand smoke”.  Smartware crashed and took out explorer so I couldn’t even reset my windoze machine.  

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I found I spent too much time on trying to fix and figure out the problem with Smartware backup. I’ve since removed Smartware from all my home Win7 32-bit PCs and just use Microsoft SyncToy to do the backup into MBL 2TB. Just need to work out how to trigger the backup regularly.