Multiple Hubs, one NAS - Is it possible for all Hubs to run Media Library?

I’ve got a Netgear ReadyNAS and three WD TV Live Hubs. All Hubs are 3.00.28 firmware. The ReadyNAS (called NAS) is configured as one big disk/partition called DISK0. Attached to NAS are two USB disks called DISK1 and DISK2. Hub1 has the sole source “NAS” added within “Media Library Manager for Network Share” - that gives access to DISK0, DISK1 and DISK 2, and metadata is happily automatically generated.

I’d like to similarly add “NAS” within “Media Library Manager for Network Share” on Hub2 and Hub3, thereby giving Media Library functionality on all 3 Hubs. But when I try to add “NAS” on Hub2 or Hub3 I get the error “Unable to create Media Library.  The selected source is configured as Read-Only which prevents the WD TV from saving the media library.”. But the NAS isn’t read-only. And actually I can add “NAS/DISK0”, but _no_t the top-level “NAS”. I found and moved out a .wd_tv directory on NAS which looked to contain lock-file type stuff, but that didn’t fix it.

So, simple question really… has anyone here got 2 or more Hubs connected to the exact same NAS data source, with each Hub happily running Media Library (i.e. able to search, etc)? How did you get it working please?

MTIA, Steve

NO.   It’s not possible unless you’re REALLY lucky.

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Sprice, have you try accessing NAS with only 1 HUB ON and the other 2 completely OFF?

Thanks Tony… having read your post you link to, and in turn your issue report, I took these (perhaps OTT) steps:

 - Factory reset and format disk on both Hub1 and Hub2

 - Remove all WD created files and directories on NAS

 - Create share NAS/cache1 - default no access, r/w for Hub1

 - Create share NAS/cache2 - default no access, r/w for Hub2

 - Add NAS/cache1 to “Media Library Manager for Network Share” on Hub1. Media Library compilation very short as no media. I see .wd_tv files turn up in NAS/cache1

 - Add NAS/DISK0 to “Media Library Manager for Network Share” on Hub1. NAS/cache1 gets replaced by NAS/DISK0 in the list. I see .wd_tv files turn up in NAS/DISK0. My hope/expectation was for NAS/DISK0 to be added to the list alongside NAS/cache1 but sadly not. 

 - Add NAS/cache2 to “Media Library Manager for Network Share” on Hub2. Media Library compilation very short as no media. I see .wd_tv files turn up in NAS/cache2

 - Try and add NAS/DISK0 to “Media Library Manager for Network Share” on Hub2 but get “Unable to create…” message as before. **bleep**!

I guess my understanding is flawed! I was expecting the sole media library (.wd_tv structure) for hub1 to be on cache1. But looking at cache1/.wd_tv/wdtv.cas2 there’s no mention in it of the media flles on DISK0. Does the Hub always create a .wd_tv structure on every share added to the media library? Anyway, I’m hoping I’m missing something simple, and hoping you can see what it is…?

MTIA, Steve

PS - CoolDude - Ta for replying.

Right now, you have two choices:

Add the whole NAS to the media library

Add a SINGLE SHARE from that NAS to the media library.

If you add the WHOLE NAS, then it should write the database files in the alphabetically FIRST share the Hub has access to.

If you add a SINGLE SHARE, then it will write the database files in THAT SHARE.

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Many thanks Tony… all working wonderfully now… you’re a star!

Just to summarise (Tony’s help) in one place for others’ benefit, to get multiple / two or more Hubs (on 3.00.28) all running Media Library against the same single (entire) NAS, you (presently) need to force the hubs to each use a different (empty) share on the NAS solely for that hub’s .wd_tv structure. Use appropriate share permissions to achieve that “force”. Those hub-specifc shares should come alphabetically before the main NAS share on which your media lies. E.g.

 - NASHOSTNAME/cache1          # Default no access, r/w for hub1

 - NASHOSTNAME/cache2          # Default no access, r/w for hub2

 - NASHOSTNAME/entiredisk

Select just “entiredisk” on both hub1 and hub2 when adding to the Media Library network share manager.

Note the alphabetisation order above - if you instead used share names “wdcache1” and “wdcache2” (i.e. “w” comes after “e”) then a .wd_tv structure will get placed on “entiredisk” and you’ll be stuffed!

I hope this helps.

I’m guessing (TonyPh12345?) that with 3.00.28 there’s no way (workaround?) to get the media on any particular Hub’s integral 1Tb drive listed in the media library of more than (that) 1 Hub?

MTIA, Steve

PS - BTW TonyPh12345, I’ve just started using your TVDB XML Fetcher - great job; many thanks for all your effort / hard work there.