Multiple folders

I have a wd ex2 ultra and I would like to automatically sync all my mobile photos but not only in one folder. I would like to create for example a viber folder, a messenger folder etc. and sync the viber or messenger photos and not all of them placed in one folder. Is that possible with wd sync app or any third app, but automatically not manually ??? Please help.

We suggest you install the Goodsync application. Please refer to this link: How to Install GoodSync 3rd Party App on My Cloud

GoodSync for WD is limited to 1 Sync job and defaults to the folder selection screen which allows a single folder to be selected per job. The GoodSync “Multiple Folder/Filters” option can be used to select more than one folder or file as long as the folder is on the same internal hard drive. GoodSync Jobs does not support more than one source drive per job. For more detailed information, please refer to GoodSync User Manual or contact GoodSync Support.