Multiple files for one film

Hi there,

I have films that have several files to make up a complete film. With my previous setup (a external HDD and a bluray player with USB), if I played one of these films, when it came to the end of one file, the system would automatically play the next file with almost no gap.

Now with the HD tv live, the film stops and I have to select the next file to continue watching.

Is there a setting to change this?

Apart from this rather iritating function, the box is great.



Just put them all in their own folder, and press play on the FOLDER.

Hi there,

Thanks for that. It works to a fashion. Challenge now is to get the files in the right order - any ideas?

In some folders I have files that are xyz1.avi and xyz2.avi but they are ordered with xyz2 at the top of the folder and I cant for the life of me figure out why.

Change the SORT order to ASCENDING in the FILTER / SORT screen.   I think that’s the GREEN button that brings that up.