Multiple Entries and Thumbgen w/HUB

Just a quick 2 questions:

1: An example, let’s say I’ve got “Daybreakers.2009.1080p.Bluray.mkv” and “Daybreakers.2009.Extended.720p.BrRip.mp4” and use Thumbgen, along with the BMTheme/bundle, and create my movie sheets with different F1, F2, F3’s. How does the Hub handle this? Is there a conflict? Are there two seperate listings as desired? or no? If no, how can I avoid this conflict?

2: How does the Hub and Thumgen handle a Movie that’s been split? Example: “Daybreakers.2009.DVDRip.(1of2).avi” and “Daybreakers.2009.DVDRip.(2of2).avi”

Just a wild guess, so if I’m wrong feel free to correct me or give us another method!

  1. Since it’s a different file name, you added “Extended” to it TG should see it and may even acknowledge the “Extended” version IF it’s been added to If it hasn’t been added you can register for free and add it. doesn’t seem to like IE8 so you might want to use Chrome or firefox if you go there to add stuff.

You can also EDIT the Movie Information box in the TITLE area to include the “Extended” in the title and then click the GREEN check mark to save it to the movie sheet. Then go ahead and process the file as normal.

  1. If you include (1) (2) in the file name like: Daybreakers (1).2009.1080p.Bluray.mkv I do believe TG will add it to the title. If it doesn’t, as above, add it yourself.