Multiple drive backups question for My Book Essential (usb 2.0)

Hey there.

Just bought the My Book Essential (usb 2.0) external hard drive. I haven’t installed it yet as I need some answers to some questions first. I’d appreciate any help.

  1. I have another external hard drive (which is not WD) that has data on it that my desktop doesn’t have. Can I backup both my desktop data as well as the data from my external hard drive onto My Book?

  2. If the above answer is YES, let’s say I back up my other external hard drive onto My Book and I then get rid of the other external hard drive.  Will I be able to retrieve that data (that I backed up from the other external hard drive) from My Book onto my desktop at a later date? Or will I have to copy the data from the other external hard drive onto my desktop BEFORE I install and run the initial My Book backup software?

  3. There’s some data I want to save on My Book but not keep it on my desktop. Is this possible?

  4. Is it possible to use My Book on a different desktop or laptop (not mine) and retrieve certain data from it onto that other desktop or laptop which I normally don’t use? ((I’m thinking if I have lots of photos on My Book, and take it to a friend’s computer and plug My Book into their computer, can I retrieve and/or view photos from it?

Thanks much for any help you can give.



Keep in mind the My Book is a storage device, anything that you want to store it will take it. Is up to you decide how are you organize your data either by folders or creating several partition to separate each computer.

I have the same questions. Did you ever get answers?

Bare is mind… My Book Essentials is a data encrypting drive even you elect not use password lock feature. If something bad happened to that drive means, it is impossible to recover your data. I wouldn’t delete my data on other external drive if I were you.

Take time and read messages on this forum and on My Passport forum for last couple of months. You would understand what I meant.