Multiple drive backups and files not backing up

It appears one can only set one drive to backup to the Mycloud drive.  The software does not allow one to pick multiple dives at the same time.  Seems to go against the message from WD, backup all of your files.  I hope I am wrong on this one.  Has any solved this  issue? Thank you

I also have files that will not backup.  At first it was a bunch of folders.  WD tried to help but were unable to solve.  I solved the bigger issue by deleting the backup folder and starting over.  Now there are a dozen or so files that will not backup.  They say, File pending backup.  Except it has been in this state for a few days.  Nothing changes when I try to force a Retry. Why are these files not backing up and can this be fixed?  Thank you again

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You can change the backup engine mode in the Backup Tab; File Backup allows you to select individual folders. On the other hand you can also use Windows Backup/File History with your device. 

Thank you again for your reply.  I accept your solution but I hope WD does not accept it.  Shouldn’t WD want to offer the best backup program?  I am a Microsoft fan but utilities like backup have always been considered basic. When looking for something better one goes to the experts.  WD is one of the experts and I expected better from WD. 

Have you tried it? Are you using the SmartWare?

My suggestion is, try it. Back up your C drive and create the schedule then backup your other drive and schedule it. See if it will work.

I only have one drive on my desktop and one on my laptop but both are setup to backup to my My Cloud. I have my desktop backing up on Monday and Friday mornings and my laptop backs up on Sunday morning.

Take a look at the information provided under the Help tab for SmartWare and also the User Manual.

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