Multiple dashboard logins?

I’ve got a 4TB MyCloud, and I just realized that I can’t seem to log into the dashboard under anything but the primary user. That used to be admin, but then somehow become my personal ID… a little confused there. But the point is, I can not log into the console as anything but my personal ID at this point (since it is the admin account I guess and has the green check mark).

Is it possible to log in as other IDs? What does it mean to be an admin? Can there be multiple admins (or dashboard users)?


A “personal id” defines / labels a user that can access data in a store. Those IDs are not intended to be administrators of the product and do not have access to the dashboard. Actually, those ids and associated passwords are the SMB network credentials that allow computers (and other devices, I guess) to access the shares. As far as I know, they aren’t really users as far as the operating system of the NAS is concerned.

The administrator is the user of the dashboard. Through it, the administrator maintains (adds and deletes) shares, maintains users, modifies the MyCloud settings, performs firmware maintenance, etc. The administrator may be given read or read/write access to data in shares but it is not required.

You can (and apparently have) changed the administrator’s id and password to be the same as your “personal” id and password but these are still two separate entities. I assume you have also defined a “User” with that same id and password and given that user access to a share. I’m not sure how this looks once you’ve done this. Try logging on to the dashboard, select the Shares tab and select share used by your “personal” id. Look at the “User Access” at the bottom of the page. Does your id appear twice, or does “admin” appear along with your user id? If your id appears twice, the top one is probably you as administrator. If “admin” appears, that is the admin function - you when logged onto the dashboard.

Thanks for the input. Do you know if you can have more than one admin ID… in other words, be able to access the dashboard with more than 1 ID?

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