Multiple copies of same episode showing

Does anybody know why all of a sudden i have multiple copies of movies/tv episodes? I have like up to a dozen or more “duplicates” for each movie/episode that I have. This problem shows up when I go to view on my upstairs bedroom TV using DNLA. When I check on my PC/Mac in the network folder(s) there is just the single file.
The only thing I have done recently was to move my main TV from one side of the room to another, having firstly disconnected (unplugged) the device. This downstairs TV is connected to MyBook Mirror via WDMyTV Live, wirelessly, and works perfect and no duplicates.
It is only when I use DNLA upstairs that I have this problem. Have I corrupted the DataBase?.
Hope someone can enlighten me, and thanks in advance,

Hi Ronald_Stevens,

Have you tried upgrading the firmware to latest version, re-scanning & rebuilding DLNA Database?

Others have experiences similar issues with certain DLNA clients that access the Twonky media server embedded within the My Cloud. See the following two links: