Multiple copies of files on MyCloud

I have recently purchased a 3tb MyCloud and having a few teething problems which I’d like to try and resolve if possible. A major problem is I have multiple copies of the same file on MyCloud, which I don’t know how or why they are there? I obviously have the files on my devices but I only need one copy of these backed up. I back up my desktop currently, but would ultimately like to backup my iPhone, my asus transformer and other devices as I get familiar with the MyCloud operations. How do I configure the MyCloud to backup each device in their own folders on MyCloud? I’m also having trouble giving access to users. I set up the user account on the dashboard but cant seem to access the MyCloud from the device and user account I’ve just set up. Its becoming very frustrating now my head is not getting to grips with the access thing from multiple devices. Can anyone help?

frustrated !!!


First, what app are you using to do your backups?

Have you read the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud?

Have you read all the information provided in the Dashboard and Help in the Dashboard?

What device and operating system are you using?

If you use SmartWare here is the User Manual for it.

I’m on windows 10 pro on my desktop, and just copied the files by cut and paste. The asus is on windows 10 home, Im also using an IPhone 7 with latest ios . Im trying to manage all files from each device. I can access through the mycloud app on my iPhone. Through the login portal on my desktop but struggling getting online with my asus transformer.

What is showing in File Explorer under Network>WDMYCLOUD?


Did you install and configure WD Sync? That can generate multiple copies (versions) of files. As can WD SmartWare backup.

If you followed the WD automated device setup, it would have got you to install a raft of WD software that really isn’t very good, and is unnecessary for the basic operation of the device as a file and media server.

Third party backup/sync solutions are generally a better bet.

Hi Thanks for the reply, I have a similar file structure to the one you shown but obviously related to my setup.
Which third party solutions would you recommend? Am I trying to do something unachievable here?
I’m trying to get all my music on through ITunes so I could play it from any device in the house. I’m also trying to store my photos from my pc and iPhone on the MyCloud, do I need to create user accounts for each of the devices so that they have their own area on the mycloud? After creating a user account from my asus transformer within the dashboard area I can’t log onto the mycloud with that device using the account just created? Also If I’m logged onto the mycloud from my desktop with admin and then try to logon using asus account it will only let me logon as admin and then states only one admin at a time? apologioes if it doesn’t make sense, I know what I’m trying to do but may not be possible but It may not be setup properly anyway from what you’ve said. I linked my iTunes account to the mycloud but when I look in the iTunes folder created by mycloud there is nothing there yet? But if I look under the music folder I created and copied my music too its there but 4 or five times for each track.

Thanks again for the help also not sure how you shown the screen dump of your system but tried to include in this reply a copy of mine.