Multiple Computers on one 4TB MyCloud

New user here. I have a new 4TB MyCloud. I want to set-up two computers to backup and Sync to the cloud. How is this possible? As the main “admin” would I set-up a Main account and then set-up “shares” for each separate computer - like computer 1 backup, computer 1 sync, computer 2 backup etc ? Or do I need different admin accounts and user names for each computer? Finally … how, if at all, would that be different than setting up users? User would be just to access info, yes? not syncing or backup specific computers? … Thanks in advance for all your help.


For starters read the My Cloud User Manual ( if you haven’t already. It explains how to use the My Cloud and its features including how to use the WD Sync software. Further you can read the WD Sync Help file to learn how to setup and configure syncing to the My Cloud.

You can also visit the My Cloud Learning Center to learn more about the My Cloud and its features.

One configures the My Cloud using the My Cloud Dashboard, this includes setting up Users and Shares and configuring User permission to those Shares.

One can configure WD Sync (or any other third party sync software like Free File Sync - to sync to either a Public Share or to a Private Share. To make things easier one can “map” a My Cloud Share to their local computer.