Multiple AFP Server's in OSX Finder after FW Upgrade

Hi.  I recently updated to the latest firmware (I don’t know the old and new FW ver. off hand).  Ever since, my MyBook WE (White light) is showing [hostname] AND [hostname -backup] in the Shared section of Finder on my Mac.

I’m not sure why, and clicking on the backup listing results in connection error, but I’d assume a fix is as easy as modifying a config file with shares and share names listed to announce to the network by the MBWE OS.  But I could be way off.

I’d appreciate any help, as would others I suspect as I doubt I’m the only one with this issue.

Thank you.


I just bought a MBWE (white light) and saw the two entries for the NAS in the Finder. I believe the Backup one is the AFP server that is used for Time Machine backups. Seems to work quite nicely actually.