Multilple NAS to USB Backups - Auto Start Problem with external HDD name

Hey there,

I’m trying to backup multiple folders from my PR4100 to 2 different WD drives with the same model name.
The myCloud backend only lets me select the external USB drive by model name, not by “share” name or the name I assigned it when I formatted them.
So with “Auto Start When Connected” active on the backup jobs, it can’t differentiate between the two drives because they share the same model name. That leads to both backup jobs starting to backup simultaneously to the connected drive, no matter which one is connected, which is insanely annoying.

Is there any workaround - or better yet a firmware fix for this !?

Thanks a ton

hmmm… weird enough the shared name doesn’t show when selecting the drive which is annoying enough on its own, but at least since the last update the share name seems to be accepted anyway…