Multichannel audio passthrough on which output?

So the WD TV Live manual states that “digital surround sound is only available when using the Toslink S/PDIF interface”, however last night I was able to succesfully pass through dolby digital (AC3) 5.1 on the HDMI with a movie in an MKV container.

I’m wondering if anyone knows what this note applies to DTS? HD Audio?  Just trying to figure out how I should connect things for the long term and what I’d be missing if I didn’t connect the Toslink.


Yep… MKV DTS audio from the WD to my Home Theater. The optical is needed if you do not use an HDMI connection. cj

I just finished speaking with WD Level 2 support over the phone, and they made me aware of this very frustrating fact! How was I supposed to know this beforehand?

I tried both an xvid and mkv with ac3 audio over digital and none of them work over the hdmi cable, yet they work fine with stereo. Isn’t the whole point of using hdmi to have only one cable?

I only have 1 optical input on my receiver and it is already used by my tv. How I am supposed to get this to work with just the hdmi cable?