Multible file/folder download

Hey there. It will be really helpful, if it’s possible, to download multiple files or folders at once. Especially for shared links.
Once i have shared a folder to my friend with some photos and he had to click at every single photo and download it. That’s really annoying!
I am hoping that this is a feature that will be added soon :wink:


I’am totally agree with you, and hope that WD will fix this issue.

Supporting this, just shared folder with 700+ images and download one by one is pain in the *** …

Please add selection / select all button / move click drag move selection method to your shared link app.

I too need the ability to download entire folders remotely, having to save each file one at a time is unacceptable for a network storage solution. Is there a solution to this yet?

I recently posted the same request without seeing this thread. The only way I can see to do this is to add someone as a user to your account, have them download the desktop app, and then access your My Cloud Home through a mapped network drive. That’s a lot of hoops, and kind of defeats the purpose of being able to just share a link for friends/family to download pics from. WD, please please add a “select all”, “download all” option. This is so fundamental, and an absolute expectation!

WD, are ur techies so dumb that they can’t add such a simple tool? THIS IS SO BASIC!!!


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I copy the reply of CliqWorld

WD, are ur techies so dumb that they can’t add such a simple tool? THIS IS SO BASIC!!!


I totally agree with it.

Is there any update on this? Why mycloud people are not responding?

Is this being worked on? Allow downloading multiple files or folder.

Any update WD or are we being ignored?

Such small issues that need fixing yet no one replies from wd… hmmmm

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Sure looks like WD consistently enjoys ignoring it’s consumers. This drive and it’s software are the biggest piece of trash I’ve ever purchased. So help me if I ever buy a WD piece of trash ever again. This is a basic request and all of the major cloud companies allow for downloading of multiple files.

two years past ,NOTHING CHANGE!!!

I bought the cloud home with the solo purpose to download on my phone… No download all capabilities. Are you kidding me! WD please enable this option,

I am agree with you. this tutorial will also helpful .I tried it once i failed to login to my wd. try it.

Dear WD Community,

Thank you for your concerns regarding My Cloud Home multi file and folder download options.
We value your feedback as we strive to continuously improve our products and services.
The feedback has been forwarded to the appropriate department.
We appreciate your patience and understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused.

WD Staff

Nearly a month has passed; it is still not possible to download multiple files.

Yes… unfortunately still multiple downloads not possible…

WD Staff have you a release date to share with us?



Has this now been sorted? I have all my photos on WD My Cloud and I wanted to download a folder and just realised I cannot get anything out of the WD Cloud without download one picture at a time! Does anyone know how to do this. I have literally thousands of pictures on here and I cannot now back them up or do anything with them. Also several of the folders on the App don’t appear when you log on via the website. Something is very wrong and I am nervous of losing my family photos. Any help would be greatly appreciated I cannot find a way to contact WD Cloud for support either.

Same issue here. and today is November 2019, still no solution. Wtf is WD doing?