Multi-Zone Error Rate count WD20EARS second drive fail

 WD20EARS was got to be back up drive copied file on to drive was second drive not boot or raid.

Failed and lost all data send back got replacement second drive failed lost data for second time

Multi-Zone Error Rate count trying to recover some data very slow read

But WD says drive not in warrantee they have not accepted drive was returned even though I opted for replacement to be sent out only when old received by WD and have email to confirm arrived

Question Is this normal behaviour for WD and are WD drives  any use at all for back up ??

And if so what model

Understand that there is no other cost effective method to back up the data than a hard drive

Thanks for any assistance John

i think you have got lemons instead of drives :confused:

i have had bad luck…  i have two ears drives one fgrom 6 montrhs and another one from 1.5 years with no problems

knock on wood

Well it is now two weeks and still no reply from WD regarding issue with drive??

Anyone have idea how to formally complain?