Multi Drive Shutdown

Hello everyone. I have about 20 3tb drives on my network and I was wondering if there is any way to send a command to shutdown all the drives at once. Shutting them down one at a time is a real pain in the a##! Any suggestions?

No that we are aware of.

Let’s wait to see if other users can provide some info about this. 

MBL runs Debian Lenny, which means you can script anything.

You could create a script which will connect via ssh to all and run the shutdown command. Of course, you would have to have a list of all devices, etc, etc. It can be anything and do anything you want. Search for linux scripts on the internet and will be thousands of guides.

Never seen one before here and I am also not a linux guru. I created my own script rsync commands but are very simple.

I tried playing with scripts but couldn’t get it to work but I’m sure I didn’t know what i was doing, totally clueless with linux. I will have to do some research and get it done. If anyone can help with a script to shutdown one I am sure I could modify to fit my needs.