Multi-Channel Audio Issue

I have an issue whereby if I play .mp4 **bleep** great.

Is this a firmware issue?

I have the WDTVLIVE connected to my TV with HDMI and to my receiver with Optical out (as the receiver has no HDMI in).  Could it be that the WDTVLIVE is not sending multichannel audio to the optical cable preferentially in one setting?

You got bleeped (some weird forum problem that the moderators are looking into).

If you were trying to say that your mutli-channel sound is only coming out stereo via the optical audio cable, go into Settings and in the Audio/Video section you need to change the audio output from “Stereo” to “Digital”.  For me, the box was factory defaulted to “Stereo”. 

If you were trying to say that there’s an audio sync/lip sync issue, that’s my biggest complaint about this thing.  I’ve asked the question on these **bleep** to the store.  I can’t afford a full HDMI switching receiver (not one that needs to meet my audio needs).

I got bleeped.  I was trying to say that I’ve asked about the asynchronous audio on these f o r u m s about 24 hours ago.  And that if I don’t get an answer soon I will need to re turn this thing to the store.

I’ve got “Digital” selected… that’s definitely not the issue.

What’s interesting though, is that when the file starts playing, when there’s no problem it will say the type of stream only - e.g. “Audio AAC”, but if there is a problem it will say “Audio ACC (Digital)”.  Don’t know if that helps narrow the problem.

Ok… so the problem seems to be the type of audio codec.  Looks like WDTVLIVE does not play AAC files with all 6 channels of audio.

The one file I have that does multichannel sound properly is AC3, not AAC.

Looks like a future firmware wishlist item.