Multi Channel AAC playback

Has the new update solved the playback issue with mp4 AAC multichannel yet?

not sure, but…

You could likely EASILY convert from MP4 to MKV containers using MKVMerge ( or Google.

No transcoding is done, just the container so it only takes the time required to COPY the video. You can convert containers without touching the audio or video. I’m not sure about going back to MP4 if you need to though.

No; 5.1 AAC playback is still broken in 2.03.24 release, at least via optical to an AVR.  No sound to my TV via HDMI either.

What’s weird is that way back, on all the Live units, 5.1 AAC would be down-mixed and output as stereo regardless of container or digital output settings.

Not sure why this behaviour was changed. 

Thanks for the suggestion, gave it a try but didn’t make a difference, still will only play audio on stereo setting, love the hub, if they could rectify this issue it would be great.