Multi-channel AAC playback issue

Hey all, newbie here although i regularly visit the forums for almost 4 months now since I bought the SMP. I am on the latest firmware and for my moderate usage needs the player performs up to the mark. But I have noticed an issue with multi-channel AAC encoded files. My receiver which is a Yamaha HT 4064 can decode most formats, but not AAC. SMP automatically detects this via HDMI too and I see AAC unchecked in the formats list as expected. So thats all right. At the high-level sound setting in SMP I have set it as 5.1. But when a 5.1 AAC encoded files are played it shows PCM stereo on the receiver and I dont get surround channels. Pass-tru works just fine for other formats like dts, DD etc. Is this a known issue and any fixes?

Check this thread

So looks like this is a known limitation that SMP will play multi-channel AAC as PCM stereo…hmm thats kinda disappointing.