MTS on Android


I am trying to view my mts files through my nexus 7 tablet and it says i need an app installed to play them.

I have installed loads of apps to play them but it does not seem to recognise them.

Anyone else had this problem?.

Try installing either BSPlayer or MX Player both have free versions on the Google Play, then you won’t have the problem.


MX Player


Sorry i may not be clear enough :slight_smile:

I go through the WD My Cloud app to log into the storage. I can see the mts files but when i click on one it says no viewr app is installed. I have loads installed including the ones you have said. For whatever reason, launching them through the app does not work.

I just did a couple of tests, and I see what you mean now! I did manage to get it to play but only by downloading it to the phone, and then using MX Player to play it.  But it was extremely slow and choppy, and this is on an S5.

I fear that it is not possible to do that and the format is just not mobile optimised anyway, unlike MP4, MKV etc.

Sorry about that!