MPW Not Recognized by Windows 7

My Passport Wireless Pro was connected fine in Windows 7 until I changed routers, now it’s just disappeared. My cell phone sees it and connects ok, but I need it on the PC. I have it sitting on top of the new router, but nothing. What now? OK… I put a USB wifi transmitter on the PC and it then saw the MPW and connected. I hoped I could disconnect and it would still find the MPW as before the router change, but alas, no luck. How can I get the new router to see it?

Is it in the right mode ? ie. it could be in Direct/Hotspot mode instead of Home Network ModePage 16 (might explain why it can connect to your Phone and PC Direct but not the Router.)

Have you gone through all the settings of the Wireless Pro ? … Page 20

Have you checked your routers LAN settings to see if an IP has been allocated to it ? or security settings blocking it ?

Well, it was connected fine the same day the router was changed after which it was not, so the settings must be correct. Unfortunately, the ISPs new router, though working great, does not give me a list of clients or a lot of other info. The dang thing drains a full charge within an hour, so it’s hard to work with.The browser admin page of course does not connect, so I can’t observe settings there. I’ll connect it via USB again and see what settings I can do there. Not realizing the ISP would throw a new router at me, I’ve ordered a ROG Rapture 5300ac which should be here in a week. Maybe I should just give it up for now, I only use the MPW for backup.

It’s all under the “Advanced” settings and not the Basic settings (i have an ISP Router as well, and it gives a full list of clients and address reservations etc. under Advanced settings)

connecting it via USB disables the Wi-Fi on the drive, so you won’t be able to sort out the networking connection problem.

Wait and see i guess :confused: