MPEG-TS Videos Wont Play on Hub


I am hoping someone can help, sometime ago before I owned the Hub I converted a few of my MKV’s to MPEG-TS so they will stream through the PS3 via Twonky on my NAS.  These used to work in the past on the hub now they wont play, I just get the error file not supported see manual for list of compatible formats.  I have tried playing it through twonky on a NAS and direct access through network share but it just does accept the file.

I have not noticed which firmware when it stopped playing as these videos are accessed mainly via a WDTV Live (which has not been updated for some time) and that plays them just fine.

I have rebooted hub, cleared media library and all the usual stuff and tried on a different NAS but same result 

Post the media info of  one, or few, of your movies:

This has been resolved in the last firmware upgrade so you can now clost this topic thank you