MPEG-2 streaming via RSS not working

I know I was able to do this a few years ago when I tried it but I just recently got a SMP again and it’s not working anymore.  I have a local http server that streams MPEG-2 video and I have the appropriate url as an “enclosure” (see below) in a custom RSS feed.  When I try to play the video from the SMP Rss Reader it claims it can’t play that video type and to check the manual.  I have tried to change the video type in the enclosure from “video/mpeg” to “video/mp4” with no luck.  I am able to play this stream in Windows Media Player on my PC so I know it is a valid MPEG-2 stream.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

Hi, RSS feeds are not supported to stream videos, only links to webpages. Check page 169 of the manual for more information.

Thanks, but the majority of the RSS feeds that are available by default (pre-programmed on a new box) will stream/play videos on the SMP, even the WD Live feed??

Can you please explain your claim that RSS feeds cannot play video even though the majority of them that come with the box do?