mpe_server at 100% CPU

Since I started to fill my MBLD with pictures and videos, I’ve recently noticed that mpe_server is running basically constantly at 100% CPU load.

All the picture and video indexing is supposed to have finished a while ago, according to the status at the media setup page (it is neither rebuilding nor re-indexing). So I don’t really understand, what that process is doing.

What is mpe_server actually doing, is it responsible for (SmartWare) Backup, or DLNA, or something else?



I have never seen the mpe_server.  Where do you see it? If you access the MBLD by SSH? 

This is a service that does a number of things - mostly around the DLNA server. It handles metadata extraction, video thumbnail generation.etc. If you have a large library, it will take a while for this service to complete i’ts tasks.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your quick reply! (By the way: Nice to have this forum where also staff members participate – even if that makes you prone to being attacked harshly in some cases.)

I have watched this now, and it seems indeed that the process goes back to normal after ~1 day. This was after I had added 3.7GB in 60 *.mts files (avchd format). Would that be considered normal behaviour… seems a bit long to me to index 60 files?

I’ll keep watching it with more files that I have added now.



PS @Vadir: Yes, one can see that process running when accessing with SSH. also the box becomes noticably less responsive when that happens.


No problem. These are my products (I am the product line manager for our consumer NAS products), so I like to hear what the customer is saying and interact - even though it gets me in hot water sometimes with you all :slight_smile: I use the feedback in these forums as a direct line into our development process for current products and next generation products I am working on.


I too noticed this today when I restarted the nas. 

You make it a little more responsive by increasing the swap size, I added an extra 2gb.