Im new to this wd tv box but i have some mp4 files that wont play on the wd tv box but it plays fine on my pc.

So the wd box cant play these files ?

I’ve got over 1200 movies in mp4 format. They all play fine on my WD TV Live SMP.

I made a factory reset after the update and now it works…i guess my new boz just had to wake up from its born state :smiley:

If u just bought the WD box, are u sure u have a (now defunct) “WD TV Live Streaming” box (see pic of forum, it says “Live” on front of box) or the new “WD TV Streaming” box?

If u can see a Netflix app then u have the Live, otherwise u are other product and forum (but advice is probably almost identical as I suspect they are same architecture underneath). Enjoy.