MP4 Playback & Wireless problems

ok, I have enough wireless bandwidth (all wireless N gear, good wireless signal),

it’s still happening well at least three/four previous firmware updates (I’m frequently updating firmware, hoping MP4 playback problems fixed… but no)

MP4 playback freezing/hang is fixed, but still choppy slideshow like (and no sound) after 20-40 sec of playback, weird and frustrating because mkv files didn’t.

Here’s the summary : (WD firmware coder’s read carefully)

  1. SMALL BITRATE MP4 MOVIE (700mb-1.5gb sizes), choppy/slideshow/nosound after 20-40 sec of playback.

*BUT* when I *REMUX* the MP4 to MKV (no encoding needed) same sizes, same h264, same codec video/audio (just REMUX, incase you WD’s wdtv firmware coder dont know), it played silky SMOOTH… no jerky, choppy or anything… yeah weird (its just seem that wdsmp chipset/software treat mp4 and mkv differently)

  1. MEDIUM SIZED MP4 MOVIE (2 GB, 4GB, 7GB files found commonly on internet)

Same choppy/slideshow/nosound after 20-40 sec of playback, but flawless/smooth when REMUXed to MKV. WEIRD! and FRUSTATING! as i wont mux my entire 6TB MP4 !!! and most Mobile devices (iPAD, smarphone) only play MP4!

  1. MKV from smallest bitrate to biggest I have (12gb files) is flawless smooth. I wonder  it’s just the same H264 codec and AAC 6ch. but MP4 playback is always problematic.

  2. my last and more annoying problems, loosing network shares after period of time causing losing wireless connection and need to reconnect or even rebooting. BAD BAD WD!

one more firmware update (next one), and if still doesnt fixed (MP4 and network share/connection problems) and i’m happy to switch to Realtek latest greatest product… it’s has really good SDK now… bye bye sigma+wd ! you breking more things than fixed important one!

Thanks for reading!

Did you check if the same problem happens when you try to play the MP4 from a USB memory or hard drive?