mp4 not showing up on WD TV Live

Hi guys!

I got this box today, after i bought it for one reason, which was my ps3 not being able to play my mp4 files from my computer.
So after seeing on the web that the WD TV LIVE worked with mp4 i was happy and bought it.
Now on the other hand i am quite upset, since i just tried to play a file, and every video showed up from my computer, except my mp4 videos. I think this is pure scam, as it said everywhere that it was compatible with mp4.

Anyways, why won’t my WD TV live let me play mp4 files, when it obviusly should be able to? :slight_smile:

Thanks for all help in advance !

Don’t be so quick to say the WDTV is a Scam.

The WDTV doesn’t have any problems playing compliant MP4 videos, as long as it can get access to them.

How is the WDTV accessing the content on your PC?   Are you using a Media Server program on your PC?   Or are you accessing a network share?

If you’re using a Media Server, the WDTV will only display the files the Media Server on your PC tells it to display.   If it’s not displaying the file, it’s because the PC didn’t offer the file.

With Network Shares, it will display EVERY media filetype, whether it’s a compatible file or not.

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How are you accessing your files. Are you saying that you cannot see your mp4 videos. Try accessing your computer from the LIve via network shares. Obviously you are accessing it via a route which does not pick up your mp4 files. The WD live does play mp4 files and if you use network shares you will see all your files.

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Wow, it seems i was totaly wrong. I was kinda concerned it was all my foult, since i couldn’t find any guide which told me how to settup my computer.

Anywayz the way i have connected the WDTV is just connecting it to my wireless router.

On my computer i have “shared” all the foulders where there excists movies.

I think also there is a “workgroup” beeing used, but i dont really know what a workgroup is, so i cant be sure.

But i got really excited to hear about those network shares, which makes it possible to display my mp4 files on my WDTV, can you guys explain to me how i can do that?

Also a media server also sounded kinda cool, but i don’t have any idea how to “install” that on my network.

Sry for beeing a noob in all this :wink:

I followed this guide:

It let me connect through a option called “network resources” instead of the third option which i normally use. :slight_smile:

If i connect this way i get to see all my files, so i guess it worked perfectly, but i have a question, why can i use the search function when i access my files this way? And i cant choose if i want to only display videos?

Hi guys,

Just wondering how you got on as I am experiencing the same problem. The wd tv seems to play most of my mp4 but won’t play anything with FOV ( I think that is the correct term) I would be grateful if anyone could explain in simple terms, as I have limited technical knowledge when it comes to these things

Hi again forgot to say I access my files by plugging in my external hardrive which has worked a treat until now

Rennie wrote:
Hi guys,

The wd tv seems to play most of my mp4 but won’t play anything with FOV ( I think that is the correct term)

Is that a “Torrent” name?  

But it is a torrent video and that is your problem. These internet downloads are encoded in strange ways

Those are torrent names, or at least the pseudonym of the person who pirated or encoded it.

Please post the full TEXT output of MEDIAINFO for such a file.

Seperated with a dash at the end of the filename is the name of the release group who capped the show you downloaded whereas [VTV] is the group who upped it to a torrent tracker. Since groups release according to scene rules, the files should be compliant. OTOH, as others already said, with files downloaded from the Inet you never know what you gonna get.