MP4 files with additional languages in Audio don't pause, fast forward or rewind when streaming

WD My Cloud 3TB

Firmware: v03.03.01-156 : Core F/W
Media Streaming: Version 7.2.6-2_7.4.0-11

This drive supports DLNA 1.5 yet when streaming certain mp4 files (not all), through smart Blu-Ray player, it can play but doesn’t allow you to pause, fast forward or rewind. The previous model WD My Book Live 3 TB WDBACG0030HCH-NESN did play these exact mp4 files. Since I have both of them, that’s how I know. The mp4 files that WD My Cloud drive has issue with have in Audio additional fields i.e. Text #1#3 etc, different languages and a Menu. If there is only a single Audio field, then it’s able to pause, rewind and fast forward a mp4 file. Could you, please take a look at this and resove it. Hint, My Book Live was able to do this. Please, advise. Thanks.

Try posting the media info for the file.

This sound like something that should be submitted in the Issues board as well.

The problem actually seems to be in the Video Format profile: High@L4.x or higher. I’ve compared mp4 files that pause, rewind or FF fine under WD My Cloud when having Format profile: High@L3.1 however when the Video Format profile changed to High@L4.0 or High@L4.1, WD My Cloud was not able to pause, rewind or FF the mp4 file anymore.

This mp4 format

Format: MPEG-4
Format profile: Base Media
Codec ID: isom

Video ID: 1
Format: AVC
Format/Info: Advanced Video Codec
Format profile: High@L3.1 --> WD My Cloud can Pause, Rewind or Fast Forward


Format profile: High@L4.0 --> WD My Cloud won’t Pause, Rewind or Fast Forward
Format profile: High@L4.1 --> WD My Cloud won’t Pause, Rewind or Fast Forward

When Video Format profile is anything higher than “High@L3.1” i.e. High@L4.0 or High@L4.1, the WD My Cloud will still play the file but won’t Pause, Rewind or Fast Forward anymore

Can you, please test this and advise to confirm whether this is the problem!

Please, note that the Video Format profile High@L4.0 or High@L4.1 did Pause, Rewind or Fast Forward under the previous generation WD My Book Live without any issues. Thanks.

Please, note that Interestingly enough under the Matroska the WD My Cloud will Pause, Rewind or Fast Forward when Video Format profile is High@L3.1, High@L4.0 or High@L4.1. It only has issue when playing MPEG-4 (mp4) formats.