MP4 files with AAC audio

I was trying to watch an MP4 movie that had AAC as its audio track. The player shows AAC as the detected audio, and the video works fine but I dont get any sound. I have the WDTV SMP connected using HDMI to my TV and optical to my receiver. I have passthrough selected for DTS and Dolby Digital, nothing else is checked. I tried checking AAC and restarting the device but the audio still did not play. Do I have something set incorrectly in the SMP?

The SMP supports MP4 files with AAC audio.  Verify that you have it updated to its latest firmware, you may also reset it by its Reset button.

Yes, I have tried resetting and it is on the latest firmware (1.06). I am thinking it has something to do with my audio being output over optical.

Is it multi-channel AAC, or just Stereo?

Its just stereo AAC, but I also play a large amount of MKV files with AC3 and DTS multi-channel audio which play fine. I have head some solutions that say switch the audio output on the SMP to stereo but I dont want to lose the multi-channel audio on the AC3 and DTS encoded movies.

Does the SMP support multi-channel AAC audio? My receiver only supports AC3 or DTS.

Well, for me the files do play, but it’s output as 2CH PCM.

For me, they’re MKV files with 5.1 AAC, and I’m using HDMI.

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How is this a solution?