MP4 files did not streaming to smart tv

Hi there! I have an WD My cloud, full with all kinds of media, what I recorded with my mobile. when I connect on my Samsung Smart TV to the mycloud, I can see only pictures, mpg, avi files. my tv can play mp4 as it’s a new tv, and if I’m using external usb hd hooked up to the tv, i can play back with no problem. but the through media share from the mycloud do not shows the mp4 files. i did rebuild the dlna database but still…

This is a very commonly reported problem; search the forums for old threads.

Read your TV manual, and check the file type compatibility for USB and DLNA playback. It is very common for the supported formats to be completely different.

If your TV claims to support MP4 files, then you need to check what CODEC format is used in the MP4 container format, and make sure your TV supports that.

Then check to make sure that the Twonky Server on the MyCloud recognises your TV correctly, and uses the correct Receiver Type (check the Sharing tab (I think)).

@cpt_paranoia thank you for the reply. Will give twonky a try.