MP4 file from webserver skips

I have WD TV Live HD media player

made some flv video files with ffmpeg: x264 + AAC

the problem is - sound lost (because on PC sound is working good) :frowning:

first thing i thought that WDTVLIVE can’t play AAC

so i tried to watch from fileshare. and it played fine. no problems

when i try to watch it from apache webserver, the sound skips for a minute. then appears for a second and lost again

flash videos encoded with flv codec plays fine, but quality is much lower than h264


sound is decoded fine ONLY AFTER when i played “old flv flash video” encoded with flv codec

i hope this issue will be resolved in next firmware

or maybe i have to encode video with “some special parameters”? :slight_smile:

It’s not a bug, if you check the user manual FLV is only supported with FLV audio. The real bug in here is that you get to play the AAC audio after playing a supported FLV audio file.